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ST4news-5 "Suborbital Research Becoming a Reality"

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Interview with Dr. Constantine Tsang from SwRI talking about NSRC.

SpaceTrip4Us:  What is the great contribuition that NSRC brings to space flight?
Mr. Constantine: The Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference is a meeting for people who see a vision of using commercial suborbital vehicles to conduct scientific research and education. The meeting provides a venue to discuss current research conducted in microgravity and is a great place for networking, generating new ideas and fostering collaborations. The conference spans 3 days and covers everything from astronomy to fluid physics to education. We connect the  flight providers to researchers, educators and students. For these reasons, NSRC is unique in its breadth and depth.

SpaceTrip4Us: What are the main challenges for NSRC 2013 ?
Mr. Constantine: The same challenge as we face every year, making it bigger and better than the previous year! NSRC2012 was attended by more than 400 participants. We want to make it better in 2013 by reaching to more people, in more fields of research, in more countries. We want more sponsors and will work harder on getting the conference advertised. This year, we had a special guest speaker, Dr Neil Armstrong. We will have to do better this coming year! NSRC2013 will be held in Colorado, USA. For more information, see

SpaceTrip4Us:   is there any objectives to be reached? 
Mr. Constantine: Like I mentioned, our main objective is to start educating the public and researchers of the great potential that suborbital platforms can make in a large variety of scientific, cultural and educational fields. By 2013, our next conference, we will begin to see these commercial suborbital flight providers testing their vehicles and even flying paid customers. We want to see research on suborbital flights being the norm, not the exception. This is the whole goal of the conference.

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